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With the recent announcement of the upcoming Health app for iOS 8, people are talking about health and fitness more in the tech world. Fitness has always been connected to iOS use, but more and more, we are finding out how users can better interact with their doctors and specialists.

Diabetics must pay close attention to the things they do and don’t put into their bodies. Keeping track of important data can be a daunting task. The App that we believe has the best user interface is the My Diabetes App for Diabetes sufferers. Available in both IOS8 and Android Devices its proven to be the best so far for people with Diabetes.

MyDiabetes has been endorsed and co-developed by the Australian Medical Association and is a comprehensive management tool for both Type I and Type II Diabetes as well as Gestational Diabetes and LADA. This App manages your Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Food, Exercise, Water intake and Medication all in one simple-to-use application.

All data entered is charted into informative graphs which can be sent via email to your doctor, yourself or anyone you wish.

The key features of the application include:

— Calculates your Rapid and Short Insulin Dosage
— Records your blood sugar glucose levels in either mmol/L or mg/dL
— Records Water intake
— Records your HBA1C
— Records your dietary intake
— Records your exercise
— Offers a very comprehensive and customisable food and exercise lists already in the app
— Has a fully customisable medication list
— Has extensive graphs of BGLs, Glycaemic Load (GL) and calories burned over time
— Is able to send graphs via email to your doctor or nominated carer
— Allows you sets reminders for medication, food consumption and exercise programs
— Records your doctor’s details for easy access
— It can call your doctor, send email or view navigational directions
— Calculates your BMI

The app saves blood glucose levels which can be saved in either mmol/L or mg/dL. Any data entered in mg/dL is automatically converted into mmol/L.

There are approximately 600 foods are included in the food list with Glycaemic Load (GL) and Glycaemic Index (GI) values catalogued which is great for new Diabetic users. You can additional foods with the entering of Glycaemic Load (GL) or Glycaemic Index (GI) values being optional.

The app has a comprehensive list of over 500 exercises, with a calories-burned per time unit feature is included. Alternatively, you can add in your own exercise programs as required.

The application has Insulin and oral Medications commonly prescribed Globally. You can also add your current and additional medications into an easy editable framework.

The App has a great calender / alarm function that can be programmed to remind you when your medication is due.

This App hit Number 2 on “What’s Hot” Medical Globally on iTunes in 2010 and has remained in the Top 10 Globally as one on the most usable apps available.

This App was carefully developed and peer reviewed by the AMA to make sure it was Patient Friendly and Usable for people with Diabetes.

This App is still sitting TOP 10 Globally for Diabetes Medical Apps and in the Top 50 Globally for Free Apps. This Diabetes Management tool is an excellent simple to use application that help better manage diabetes.

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