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Currently in the TOP 10 Diabetes Medical Apps and the Top 50 Globally for Free Apps this Diabetes Management tool is excellent.   MyDiabetes has been endorsed and co-developed by the AMA and is a comprehensive management tool for both Type I and Type II Diabetes as well as Gestational Diabetes.   Dr Richard Kidd the AMAQ President says”  It tracks blood glucose, blood pressure, food, exercise and medication and many other items which can all be managed in this simple-to-use application.  All data entered is charted into informative graphs which can be sent via email to your doctor, yourself or anyone you wish”.

Dr Kidd commented that the some of the key features of the application include that it saves blood glucose levels which can be saved in either mmol/L or mg/dL.  Any data entered in mg/dL is automatically converted into mmol/L.    There are approximately 600 foods are included in the food list with Glycaemic Load (GL) and Glycaemic Index (GI) values catalogued which is great for new Diabetic users and you can additional foods with the entering of Glycaemic Load (GL) or Glycaemic Index (GI) values being optional.   The app has a comprehensive list of over 500 exercises, with a calories-burned per time unit feature is included.  Alternatively, you can add in your own exercise programs as required.

The application also has Insulin and oral Medications commonly prescribed Globally.  Current and additional medications can be added and edited easily and be uploaded to your prescription settings. It has a great calender / alarm function that can be programmed to remind you when your medication is due.

The app has the ability to add previous data to build a comprehensive Diabetes log of your past records and results and you can add medication logs and keep track of your dosage and insulin injection sites.   It can also record ad track your Blood Pressure, and HbA1C results.

The latest version of the app will have many enhancements such as an Insulin Calculator and a Parents/ Carer access Module to allow you to see remotely how users are trending.  Particularly great for kids.   The new look Input Module to streamline and speed up entry of basic daily data and it will automatically calculate your BMI when you enter your height and weight.   The new versions coming soon will also feature Blood Pressure graphing and Synchronisation and Data Storage with the myDiabetes Site where you can view your data, statistics and graphs.

On the menu shortly is Bluetooth connectivity to devices to easily upload readings on Blood Glucose and Multi-language support packs.

Overall we believe it’s a great companion for Diabetes sufferers and are pleased to be part of its development.


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